– 20 pacients with chronic and acute wounds

– Under supervision of Frans Meuleneire (Wondcare Centre AZ St Elisabeth  Zottegem – Belgium)

Clinical evaluation:

– positive effect on wound cleaning

– sufficient hydration of necrotic wound

– enhances autolytic debridement

– excelent tolerability

– has a cooling action, which gives pain relief

Practical evaluation

spray can is unique and big advantage

for a application in deep cavity wounds

changing bandage is less traumatic

opaque/white color for better control of application

 Clinical study: Heel Pressure Ulcer

A 83-year-old man with chronic pressure ulcer at his left heel has been treated with negative pressure therapy. Because the weak arterial vascularisation there is a very slow healing.

After four months treatment with Flamozil® gel the wound became in the last period of the proliferation phase.


Finally the wound is almost completely epithelialised after 5 months. Despite the arterial vascular insufficiency the wound has healed under treatment of Flamozil® gel without complications.

 Clinical study: Diabetic Foot Ulcer

A 80-year-old man with IDDM has a traumatic wound at the first and second toe of his right foot. Due to previous problems with the micro-vascularisation, about 2 years ago an amputation of 3 toes was necessary.


Less than four months after the trauma we notice a complete wound healing. There is some scar tissue left that daily needs a hydrating moisturizer.
Flamozil® gel is a valuable alternative for the topical treatment of diabetic foot wounds.

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