Terms and Conditions Est Invest Farma

Terms and Conditions Est Invest Farma

This site is owned by S.C. EST INVEST FARMA S.R.L., with headquarters in Romania, Iasi, Piața Voievozilor Street, Bloc X6, tronson 1, ground floor, registered with the Trade Registry with number J22/68/2012, CIF RO29554284.  The information available on this site about Est Invest Farma. about Est Invest Farma products is as correct as possible. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Est Invest Farma assumes no responsibility for any mistakes in the content of this site. The information published on this site was designed in accordance with our knowledge and beliefs. However, they may differ to some extent from the factual situation at some point, because they depend on a group of factors of a competitive and macroeconomic nature that are in some cases very difficult to constantly update on this site.

Access to and use of www.estinvestfarma.ro site is subject to the following conditions of use and to all applicable laws.

By accessing this site, you accept without any restriction or reserve the following General Terms of Use of the Site.

The www.estinvestfarma.rosite and all information contained is owned by Est Invest Farma. The terms and conditions apply to all www.estinvestfarma.ro site users .

  • Using this website

Access to this website is free of charge. The purpose of the website is to inform users to find the information they need as easy, structured and fast as possible. www.estinvestfarma.ro is a presentation site of our own services or collaborators.

  • Intellectual property rights

The website  www.estinvestfarma.roand all information contained herein is the property of Est Invest Farma and cannot be exploited, copied or reproduced in any way on any medium without the prior written permission of Est Invest Farma The content of the website is provided to you for free, for information purposes. All trademarks, service marks, emblems, logos, graphic representations, images and information contained in this site are the property of Est Invest Farma, its collaborators or its clients, and cannot be taken, processed, modified without the prior consent of the owner. You agree not to use, copy, and distribute the content of this website for commercial purposes.

  • Limitation of liability

All data, information, communications, comments, including those of a financial nature, contained on www.estinvestfarma.ro are provided to the public only for the purpose of informing it; such information does not constitute a sales offer, it is not investment advice or recommendation for participation in transactions of any kind. Est Invest Farma reserves the right to add, modify or withdraw any information from this site at any time. Although Est Invest Farma strives to present to the public through this site accurate and up-to-date information, Est Invest Farma is not responsible for any errors or omissions contained in the information contained in the website www.estinvestfarma.ro. Also, Est Invest Farma will not be obliged to inform any person about any error in the www.estinvestfarma.ro website. Est Invest Farma will not be liable under any circumstances for any damages whatsoever (including but not limited to damages of loss of profits, interruption of business flows or loss of information) arising from the use or the impossibility of use the site or the information contained therein, even if Est Invest Farma has been informed of the possibility of such damages.

  • On-line communication

Please note that we do not offer any guarantee that any message sent to Est Invest Farma will be received by Est Invest Farma as it was sent or that the information contained in that message will remain confidential during their transmission over the Internet and / or will be unmodified or unaltered

  • Accepting terms and conditions.

The website addresses all age categories. By using this website you are aware of and agree to the terms and conditions presented on this page.

  • Privacy policy

Although you can access the website www.estinvestfarma.ro without providing any personal information, in some cases this information is required to be able to offer you the online services you require according to the stated purposes, for online or e-mail registration, comment form, posting, registration newsletter.

The privacy policy of individuals regarding to the processing of personal data is based on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on 25 May 2018 and which creates consistent rules on the protection of personal data in the European Union, as well as the applicable national legislation.

Please see the full Privacy Policy.

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